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The Purpose Of This Blog

So after reading a little bit of my background and how this gym got started your probably wondering what the purpose of all this is? Is it really just a diary for this guy? Lol in a way yes, but really this blog has multiple purposes.

  1. To give good tips, advice & outlook on training for people who want to do it for fitness, or self defense but you don't plan on competing, but then also for people who are looking to compete & what they need to do to set themselves up for success. Things to look for in a good gym. How to overcome any sort of mental block that may be preventing you from taking your first class.

  2. To share my own personal experiences from everything under the sun, including things I went through as a fighter, how I would train, how often I would train, what it felt like in the ring, dieting, being in the gym business, helping new people, being a coach. You name it, I'm probably going to talk about it.

  3. To keep you up to date on how things are going around here. How our fighters are doing and upgrades/improvements that are going on around here

  4. To give good product reviews & provide links for anybody who has a home gym or is thinking about opening there own gym. Trust me, equipment like punching bags, speed bags, mitts, and pretty much any training tool is gonna break when you have over 100 people punching & kicking it on a daily basis. No way around it, but when you have to pay to replace it, you obviously want to prolong that cost as much as possible, so I will share what brands I like that last the longest and is cost effective. Not only that but I will be releasing online videos you can subscribe to on this site where I will teach you how to use these bags and different pieces of equipment as well as full blown workout videos you can do at home with each piece of equipment.

Thanks again for reading this. Looking forward to sharing what I do & what I love with you all!

Sincerely, your friend,


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