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BASIC EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Boxing Gloves, Hand Wraps, Mesh Bag & Glove Deodorizers #Affiliate

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

If you are thinking about boxing and you are not sure what you need to start this is a good section for you to check out! First we will start with gloves. I like gloves that have a half wrist strap. They are way easier to get on and off than gloves that have the full wrist strap that do a full 360 around your wrist before it Velcro's together. Plus it's really hard to get them equally as tight on both sides when putting them on. I don't like gloves that you have to lace up either. You will always need to ask for help getting them tied up and if you take them on and off multiple times in class it will annoy people very quickly lol.

DO NOT FALL FOR GLOVES THAT SAY THEY ARE WASHABLE. "Washable" gloves means there is no padding in them. They replace that padding with a chunk of rubber that is not good on your knuckles for punching & can cut/injure your training partner if you spar or drill with those gloves. DO NOT WASH YOUR GLOVES IN A WASHING MACHINE OR DISHWASHER. That is a sure way to ruin the padding in the gloves. Do not do anything other than wipe down the outside when they get dirty or have blood on them, or maybe spray Lysol inside of them. Be sure to scroll down and read up on the glove deodorizers.

I love RDX gloves! It is definitely in my top 5 favorite brands! These are comfortable, and are great quality! The padding inside is perfect. They have a wide variety of color schemes and these gloves are good for sparring or hitting bags. I teach an average of 2 hours of boxing heavy bag classes per day and these gloves typically last me 8 months! If your not sure on the size, a 12oz means small, 14oz means medium & 16oz means large. Great quality at a great price. Here is some links where I get mine if you want to pick up a pair! #affiliate

Now lets talk about hand wraps. I judge good hand wraps based on 3 things.

  1. Price. You don't need anything fancy, they are just hand wraps

  2. How wide the Velcro is. Velcro is the first thing to wear out, so if it has a skinny Velcro strap, it will wear out sooner

  3. If they stay flat after being washed and don't wrinkle up into each other. Nothing is more annoying than having to get all the wrinkles out before being able to wrap your hands.

Remember that anybody over 12 is going to be size 180, anybody under 12 will be a size 120. Here are some links for the same hand wraps I use on a daily basis. Its always a good idea to have more than one pair. #affiliate

Next up we have our washable mesh bags. Now these are not a 100% requirement, but they really do help out a ton and I don't wash hand wraps without putting them in these bags first. The reason you want this mesh bag is so it can prevent your hand wraps from getting tangled up with your other clothes. It can be really frustrating trying to untangle hand wraps and I have seen in some cases where it can ruin some of your clothes. I put my shoes in these bags and also my punch mitts when its time to wash them, so you may have multi uses for these bags also. I like the ones that have a zipper to close instead of the draw string. I have found the zipper ones stay closed in the wash more. Every once in a while a bag will pop open in the wash, but not nearly as much with the zipper bags. They really do make life easier. Here is a link for the same set I use that come in different sizes. #affiliate

Last we have our glove deodorizers! Kind of like the mesh bags, this is not 100% needed but does keep your gloves fresher for a longer period of time. Most the time I replace gloves due to them smelling so bad, I can't take it anymore well before they begin to fall apart. DO NOT WASH GLOVES. That is a sure way to ruin the padding in them. These will for sure help extend the life of your gloves. I use multiple pairs that I put in my gloves and my shoes. I like to use the ones that have cedar in them. the wood actually removes the smell. Other deodorizers out there have weird chemicals in them that smell like laundry detergent. They don't actually remove the smell, it just ends up blending the good and bad smell into one weird smell over time and it leaves some weird almost slime like substance on your hands when you get done using your gloves. Natural cedar is the way to go. Here is a link to the ones I use #affiliate

Well, that pretty much covers what you need to start boxing! Hope this has been a help for you all! I will cover headgear, mouthpieces, shin guards & boxing shoes in the next blog under this category. Thanks again for reading!

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